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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Palm Pre

The new sprint phone from Palm is living up to the hype that it has created with it's ad campaign that was seen everywhere. With its new Palm OS software it poses a little competition for the monster I-phone. With similar touch screen technology with a key pad the palm takes a lil' getting used to as far as the keys but the software is undeniable. With real computer graphics you can see web pages as you would on your computer not like the blackberry. With applications like Pandora, flight tracker and my favorite tweed ( twitter ) the palm is sure to holds it's own a this small pool where the i-phone is king for now. With more apps to be added like a video camera that is partially installed just needs the upgraded software the palm pre on the sprint network is definitely worth taking a peek @.
The camera is one of the best I've seen on a camera phone with built in flash and great color. I transfer pics directly to my face book and twitter page from it. Some things I am still trying to get hang of are the writing preferences, like when I dbl space from my BB or my i-phone it would automatically make a period and begin the next sentence, not so much with this one just yet. The Functionality of it though is excellent and the speed as far as loading the apps is better than my BB. This phone is a must for anyone who uses apps like twitter, Facebook, any blog site to see real time graphics.
Another great function is the profile that is created once you get your phone, every contact and download that you make us stored and in case your phone is lost, stolen broken your contacts are never lost. I had my phone for two weeks and the screen crack where I couldn't use my phone , covered by warranty of course, all I had to do was take the new phone and load my profile which is my email address and my contacts are instantly loaded into my new phone. The only thing that didn't download were my 100 pics :(.
I would encourage every sprint customer to try this phone well worth it.

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  1. Great Newsday article! Congratulations! :) Christine Gerani