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Saturday, June 13, 2009


The first of many blogs, Let me start by introducing myself as Marc Anthony Bynum a determined young man whose mission is to let people know that there is hope. Not to sound like President Barack Obama But” Yes You Can”. You can do anything that you desire to do in life. I’m here to let people that are or once were bogged down by low self esteem or depression, racism or something like it that you can reach your goals, you can make a difference in your life and the life of any and everyone around you. Always keep a positive outlook and never be discouraged by defeat it's only temporary.
Now more than ever people need to dream and don't lose sight. It's your rope out of every dismal and dreary situation. I am a chef not "formerly" trained but I know that I am a great .At the helm of one of the finest restaurants on Long Island. I just made the top 10 to watch in the Hospitality Industry and am going to leave my mark on this industry and the world. The roads leading to where I am now were neither Glamorous nor fun but to me moving and compelling enough to think that someone will be helped and encourage by what I have been through. My thoughts are not just for Chef’s or culinary artist but for everyone who feels passionate about what they are doing. Food and Thoughts will be the basis for majority of my writing giving insight on recipes and new food products. The knowledge will span from food tips for the novice chef and also the professional chef. Also the thoughts that I have on current events and things from the past that have formed the person that you will grow to know and love and others will not. My thoughts will be real because that is all I can be. Be true because in the end that is all you have be the best you can be and educate others that they might learn the game just a little faster than you did. There will be a lot more of this to come but for now thank you for reading my Food and Thoughts and I hope it was Food for Thought

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