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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry Mr. Bynum

Sorry Mr. Bynum
Sorry Mr. Bynum we’re going in a different direction.
Sorry Mr. Bynum your credit has been denied
Sorry Mr. Bynum you haven’t made the cut
Sorry Mr. Bynum your parents make too much
Sorry Mr. Bynum the job has been filled
Sorry Mr. Bynum you just don’t have what it takes
Sorry Mr. Bynum you not smart enough, athletic enough
Sorry Mr. Bynum you’re Too Dark

These words have been said over the years that have been permanently embedded in my brain, that have changed my life, not like some may think. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yes but only if you allow it to. Sometimes what doesn’t kill you can make you weaker, or discourage you or turn you into a zombie or even worse a monster. There is a fine line between confidence and conceit, life and death, greatness and failure, but you must possess the tools that allow you to embody greatness.
[Character, Integrity, the Ability to Lead and Follow, Humility and Strength to Go On]

In any profession there will be opposition if you want to be anything besides mediocre it come with the territory. Be it because your black, white, mixed, skinny , fat , tall, because your fingernails are too long there will always be someone there saying sorry Mr. or Ms. It could even be yourself saying “I’m not good enough” or you hear it so much that it becomes true to you. When that time comes reach back into the crevice of your mind and pull on to that ray of hope and say to you “I Deserve More.”There were plenty of days I cried thinking I would never make it. Why do I have to work twice as hard to make half as much? And on top of that being passed up for something I feel I worked so hard for. Why do things the right way when I can be a “shoe maker” like everyone else? And step on this person and that person to get where I want to be and possibly get paid more.

When I would walk into a kitchen and be the only black person there and them say “that n…a” and be called “that n…a.” In a cooking class where they destroyed my projects and went through my thing never once did I think maybe I should be doing something else? Let nothing or no one tell you that you can’t accomplish anything you want to. You always have a choice to stop or keep going. “I came to a fork in the road and went straight” said by Jay-Z. Let the words fuel you to try harder be better, not bitter. Many people come out of hardship hard and cold but you should be more in tuned to someone’s pain and help them through it. I choose Jay-Z as a mentor because he had hardships and turned it into a brand, a DYNASTY if you will that is recognized globally. It has stretched his brand in a areas that would have never known him or been inspired by him, not just through his music but by his master minding. Focal points, vision boards, know what you want and go after it. I’ve made mistakes along the way and so will you but make sure you learn from each mistake. Just like in cooking don’t throw the sauce in the garbage, transform it into something that can be used. “Every mistake is an occasion for something new,” new sauce, new song, new idea, a lot of great things were made by mistake.

My greatness is fueled by someone mistaking me for worthless, not good enough. Don’t get me wrong I knew I was going to be great as a kid, I just didn’t know how or through what outlet. If I listened to what others said to me or what I said at times when I thought I was less of a man it wouldn’t have worked. All these situations lead me to this point it’s not by chance. I’m here; this moment was 31 years in the making all this labor, all this pain and heartache has brought me here to THE NEXT LEVEL.

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