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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hard Work Pays Off

This Blog is a blast from the Past that was written over two years ago before I came into a little bit of “Fame”. My story never changed and I will say till the end, Hard Work Pays Off. I was at my wits end when I wrote this and God saw fit to bless me with what I would consider one of the most successful years of my life to date. I’m excited to see what the next calendar year holds for Marc Anthony Robert Bynum. I’m going to write my Vision and make it plain. Yea Hard work pays off.
What's going on blog readers, just taking the chance to vent about hard work and the struggle to try and make it on this very expensive Island and the pit falls of every day life.
It always seems as if there is always something or someone that always gets in the way of your dreams, whether it is something you did that wasn't the right thing to do, someone else in your immediate group that foils or spoils your plans, but the greatest one that I love to hate is JEALOSY aka FEAR. Someone else’s fear that you are doing something that will jeopardize their job or make them look stupid, So in turn they must try and slander your name and good character to try and make themselves better/ greater more apt to do what they are not capable of doing.
All my life it seems as if these things have plagued my very existence in the corporate world my struggle to avoid such things never seem to work. If I keep my distance while at work I'm an Asshole which is 100% true and if I socialize with my co- workers I'm Sleeping with someone that someone else wants thus I'm an Asshole, again 100% accurate but that has nothing to do with my performance. I really don’t want to go into the fact that I am a 28 year old black man that is very confident in his ability to do beautiful things with food and a kitchen that just seem like common sense to me but is hieroglyphics to everyone else. Why should I have to suffer for someone else’s lack of Knowledge and the fact that they don't want to listen to the voice of reason. I have eaten this industry for the Past 13 years of my life, been passed over for money and Positions that I feel I was qualified for just never really given the opportunity. My hard work, my knowledge, Blood, Sweat, Tears, Trial and Error, yet no crown no kitchen to lay my coat and my hat. At present their is no justification for the things I've gone through and the place where I am.
Will It get better? I must believe the answer is yes if not then why am i here struggling. Hard work must Pay Off , Whether you want to say you reap what you so or do unto others as you would have them to do unto you, Take care of another man's and you will have your own, Be Faithful Over a Few things and I will make you ruler over many. If the word works and I can Bring It back to work for me Then in the near future I have Some things coming to me Because I put in my time and Labor to keep another man's now it's time for mine to come through.
So for everyone out there that thinks that they are not getting their Just Desserts you’re not the only one and I beseech you to just hang in there sometime soon your hard work and dedication will produce a Harvest.

As you can see the word does work, so this is to encourage the Next man or woman that thinks that they are at a place that seems hard and cold. That the work that they are doing and have been doing is wrong, hold fast to the knowledge that I was there and now for the past year I have been the chef of a great kitchen and have made the headlines numerous times and I will given that chance that I was looking for and I am making the best of it. And know this that “THE END OF ONE THING IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF ANOTHER” be encouraged it will get better.

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